There are coups for car maintenance, remind not to neglect the maintenance of these parts

Time: 2017-03-01

Everyone knows that only regular maintenance can ensure the normal operation of a car.However, many car owners usually only care about changing the oil when servicing the car. Old drivers may also consider replacing the three filters (oil filter, air filter, air conditioning filter).But in fact, just changing the oil filter is not enough. There are still many items that need car owners to pay attention to.Experts have summarized 8 parts that are essential to driving safety. Car owners must not neglect the maintenance of these parts.
Easily overlooked part XNUMX: transmission oil
Regardless of whether it is a manual or automatic transmission, transmission oil is used, and transmission oil needs to be replaced regularly.Manual transmission oil is generally replaced once every 3 kilometers or every two years.The automatic transmission oil replacement cycle is longer, some are 2 years or 3 kilometers, and the longer is 6 years or 5 kilometers. It is recommended that the specific replacement cycle is subject to the maintenance manual.
Easily overlooked part XNUMX: spark plug
Spark plugs also have a certain life span, and the life span varies according to the material used in the electrode.Electrode materials are generally divided into nickel alloy, platinum and iridium. The service life of low-priced nickel alloy spark plugs is generally 2 kilometers, while the service life of spark plugs using precious metal materials such as iridium or platinum is more than 5 kilometers.The spark plug directly affects the working condition of the engine, and the quality of the oil used will also affect the spark plug. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the carbon deposit and gap conditions, and deal with or replace them in time.
Easily overlooked part three: steering rod and booster oil
The loosening of the steering tie rod is a serious hidden hazard and must be carefully checked during routine maintenance.The method is actually very simple: shake it vigorously while holding the lever, reminding you that if there is no shaking, it means the operation is normal, otherwise, you need to change the ball head or the lever assembly.
In addition, if the vehicle uses hydraulic power assist for steering, the power oil needs to be replaced. The replacement cycle is generally 4 kilometers or 2 years.If it is an electronic booster, there is no need to replace it.
Easily overlooked part four: shock absorber
Oil leakage of the seal is a symptom of damage to the shock absorber. When driving, you feel that the bump is obvious or the braking distance becomes longer, which indicates that there is a problem with the shock absorber. Therefore, it is recommended that the seal must be checked for oil leakage during regular maintenance. , If any, it needs to be replaced in time.If there is no oil leakage from the shock absorber, check the shock absorber connecting pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber bushing, etc. for damage, desoldering, cracking or falling off.If the above inspection is normal, the shock absorber should be further disassembled to check whether the matching gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large, whether the cylinder is strained, whether the valve seal is good, whether the valve clack and the valve seat are tightly attached, and whether Whether the extension spring of the shock device is too soft or broken, it should be repaired by grinding or replacing parts according to the situation.
Easily overlooked part five: ball cage
The ball cage is also called a universal joint. The ball cage sleeve is a layer of rubber sleeve that plays a protective role. This protective sleeve is very important. Its function is to prevent the loss of lubricant around the ball cage.If the ball cage is damaged, it will cause water to enter and affect the power steering. It is reminded that if the inspection is neglected for a long time, too much lubricant will be lost, dry grinding will be caused, and the half shaft will even be scrapped.
Easily overlooked part six: wheel bearings
Bearings are also one of the important parts that need to be inspected. The inspection method is very simple. Ask the repairman to lift the car and release the handbrake, turn the wheels vigorously one by one, and listen to whether there is a "humming" abnormal sound. If not, everything is normal.
Easily overlooked part seven: brake disc
The brake pads are usually checked during maintenance, but in fact, in addition to the brake pads, the brake discs are also very important. If you find obvious cracks on the brake discs, you must quickly replace them.The service life of the brake disc is directly related to the driver's driving habits and the quality of the road. Generally speaking, it is recommended to change the brake disc every time the brake pad is replaced twice.
Easily overlooked part eight: exhaust pipe
Exhaust pipes are often accidentally rubbed under the car, so don't forget it when overhauling.Especially for modified cars, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of exhaust pipes.
For most car owners, maintenance is generally limited to the places that can be seen. I suggest that car owners and friends pay more attention to the above-mentioned parts that are closely related to driving safety during the next maintenance!

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