Causes of car acceleration and jitter: mostly caused by damage to the inner ball cage

Time: 2017-03-03

   The acceleration and jitter of the car will cause the front of the car to swing in the left and right directions, and in severe cases, the entire body will feel like a "sieving chaff".So when a fault occurs, how to reduce the loss caused by jitter, then what is the reason for this loss?

   In fact, the reason for the acceleration of the car is also very simple. Firstly, check whether the left and right half shafts are bent. Secondly, check whether the inner wall of the left and right inner ball cages are worn or not, which is caused by the damage of the inner ball cage in most cases.

   As we all know, modern cars are mostly front-engined and front-driven, and their inner ball cages are mostly retractable to adapt to changes in the relative positions of the gearbox drive terminal and the drive wheels when the vehicle is running.After disassembly and inspection, it can be found that the part on the inner wall of the inner ball cage that is often in contact with the outer skin of the needle roller bearing, that is, the part (force point) that transmits the torque, has already produced dents.

   When the vehicle is accelerating rapidly, the engine gearbox assembly has to perform a slight side-turning action, thereby changing the position of the above-mentioned stress point. Since there is a certain angle between the axial direction of the half shaft and the axial direction of the inner ball cage, this stress point is at During the rotation of the ball cage, it continuously changes back and forth along the axial direction, and the force generated by this change continuously pushes the car body to the left and right sides, that is, the above-mentioned "sieve chaff" feeling occurs.The elimination method is self-evident, replace the damaged inner ball cage or half shaft.

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