What is a ball cage, let's understand

Time: 2017-03-04

   The ball cage, also known as the constant velocity joint, is an important part of the automobile transmission system. Its working principle is to control the power generated by the engine to the two front wheels of the automobile to ensure the normal driving of the automobile.Among them, the inner ball cage, the outer ball cage and the dust cover are all extremely important. The three components each perform their duties to ensure the normal operation of the ball cage.
      The inner and outer ball cages of the drive shaft assembly are used as key components of the drive shaft car chassis. It is composed of an outer ball cage, an inner ball cage and a half shaft. Due to its unique inclined track structure, it absorbs shocks and reduces It has excellent performance in terms of noise, and is mostly used in four-wheel drive vehicles.

Outer cage
  Introduction to the outer ball cage: The outer ball cage (professional name: outer ball cage type constant velocity universal joint) is an important part of the car transmission system. Its function is to transfer the power of the engine from the transmission to the two front wheels to drive the car at high speed. Driving.There are many types of constant velocity universal joints used in cars. Among them, the most widely used are ball cage type constant velocity universal joints and tripod type constant velocity universal joints. They mainly include sliding sleeves, three-way shafts, drive shafts, and star shapes. It is composed of main parts of sleeve, cage and bell-shaped shell.Because constant velocity universal joints transmit heavy driving torque, they have high transmission accuracy with heavy load, high demand, and are safety parts. Therefore, their main parts are processed by precision forgings.

Inner ball cage
  Introduction of the inner ball cage: This type of sliding constant velocity universal joint product has a different design concept. The steel ball in the inclined track transmits the torque. The product has excellent performance and can reach a torsion angle of 22 degrees. The TJ-style inner ball cage, but the sliding distance is shorter, can solve the noise problem, and is widely used in four-wheel drive vehicles.The star sleeve is generally used in AC-type outer ball cages. It has six tracks to accommodate steel balls. Its main function is to form a complete circular track with the bell-shaped shell, so that the steel balls can be in this track. Movement to transmit power and realize the steering function.The retainer is called the retainer. It is placed between the star sleeve and the bell-shaped shell. There are six windows on it to fix the six steel balls so that the steel balls can move in the track.The cage is a key component in the ball cage product, because it is fragile and easy to break. The cages used in our ball cage products are all made of alloy and have undergone surface carburizing and quenching heat treatment, thereby greatly improving Improve the strength and service life of the product.

Dust cover

The dust cover is also a key component in the ball cage, and its main function is to place dust into the ball cage and prevent the butter in the ball cage from flowing out.

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