product description
The constant velocity universal joint is an important component in the car transmission system. Its function is to transmit the power of the engine from the transmission (differential) to the driving wheels of the car, and to compensate for the beating of the car's inner end suspension.Drive the car at high speed.
There are many types of constant velocity joints used in cars, among which the most widely used are ball cage type constant velocity joints, three groove type constant velocity joints, and inclined raceway type constant velocity joints.Because the constant velocity universal joint transmits heavy driving torque, it is heavy with the load, and the transmission accuracy is high, so its main parts are processed by precision forgings.
Product selling point
Extend the service life of the product Strong anti-aging ability of the sealing cover Easy to disassemble and easy to maintain  
Application Technology
Most of the reasons for the failure of the ball cage are reflected in the early aging and damage of the sealing cover.We will focus on research and development to pay attention to the aging of the sealing cover due to extreme environments. We developed the SURE-LIMITTMTechnology, through a unique material formula, effectively solves the problem of cracking and aging of the sealing cover under the limit temperature difference (-40℃-100℃). 1. Ozone concentration 200pphm
2. Temperature 40 ℃
3. Time>72 hours
4. Stretching rate 20%
5. No cracks
Strong anti-aging ability of the sealing cover
SURE-FRIC focuses on improving the friction coefficient and lubrication of the friction bearing surfaceTMTechnology, can strengthen the anti-friction ability of the stressed surface and more effective lubrication and heat dissipation. Our experimental data show that SURE-FRIC is usedTMThe overall service life of technology-enhanced parts and components is prolonged by more than 20% compared with traditional technology.
Extend the service life of the product
Service selling point
More than 2000 ball cages have been developed, covering 30000 vehicle applications;
Based on the standard platform, speed up the development of new products;
Personalized financial support program;
Global service organizations provide timely and effective support.

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