product description
In the automobile transmission system, a universal transmission is used for power transmission. The universal transmission is generally composed of a universal joint and a transmission shaft. The power of the front-wheel drive car must be directly from the power assembly composed of the engine, transmission and final reducer. Teleport to the front wheels.The front wheel is both a driving wheel and a steering wheel, so a constant velocity drive shaft with a large deflection angle and uniform angular velocity must be used.The emergence of constant velocity drive shafts has greatly promoted the development of front-wheel drive vehicles and all-wheel drive vehicles.
Product selling point
100% new material application Assembly product quality is more guaranteed Easy replacement to save man-hours  
Application Technology
In the process of metal processing, materials are subjected to complex stress states, and most of the potential fracture hazards occur in weak parts where the stress is too concentrated.We combined the previous failure situation and FEMA analysis, and summarized the stress failure solution manual for each link of the overall processing of the drive shaft, SURE-CHAMFERTMTechnology, applied to systematically eliminate the stress in each link of metal processing.This technology effectively reduces most of the risk of fracture.
Service selling point
Covering 70 car series in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, nearly 50000 car models are used
Support customers' small batch needs
Provide customers with tailor-made design solutions
Provide life-long maintenance services and provide product liability insurance for global users.
Personalized financial support program

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