SSJ-WY Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of automotive ball and cage type constant velocity universal joints and drive shaft assemblies integrating R&D, design and manufacturing.At present, the company has as many as 4000 types of products, covering 90% of the global aftermarket cars: Japanese cars, Korean cars, American cars, European cars, etc.Excellent quality and persistent innovation are the company's core competitiveness. The company uses advanced equipment from Taiwan, Japan, Germany and other countries to create high-quality products.In addition, the company has also introduced a variety of professional testing equipment to fully ensure the excellence and stability of the company's product quality.With strong capital, strong technical force, and high-quality management personnel, the company strictly follows a comprehensive quality management policy, and has successfully passed the international ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, ISO/TS16949 certification and other system certifications.In addition to the domestic market, the products produced by the company are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and many other countries and regions.Facing the global automotive aftermarket, SSJ-WY will be your loyal and reliable partner; providing you with a comprehensive product series, competitive prices and payment terms, and active customer service. "Quality first" is our slogan, "Meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations is our aim. SSJ-WY Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly welcomes you! [see details]

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  • 04 2017-03

    What is a ball cage, let's understand

    The ball cage, also known as the constant velocity joint, is an important part of the automobile transmission system. Its working principle is to control the power generated by the engine to the two front wheels of the automobile to ensure the normal driving of the automobile.Among them, the inner ball cage, the outer ball cage and the dust cover are all qualified...

  • 03 2017-03

    Causes of car acceleration and jitter: mostly caused by damage to the inner ball cage

    The acceleration and jitter of the car will cause the front of the car to swing in the left and right directions, and in severe cases, the entire body will feel like a "sieving chaff".So when a fault occurs, how to reduce the loss caused by jitter, then what is the reason for this loss? ...

  • 01 2017-03

    There are coups for car maintenance, remind not to neglect the maintenance of these parts

    Everyone knows that only regular maintenance can ensure the normal operation of a car.However, many car owners usually only care about changing the oil when servicing the car. Old drivers may also consider replacing the three filters (oil filter, air filter, air conditioning filter).but...

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